Let's call it a (huuuuuuuuge) comeback

I didn’t get home from work tonight until 8:30, and by the time we finished eating and watching The Wire it was 9:45. I figured there wasn’t much left of the Canadiens/Rangers game so I flipped it on. The score was 5-4 New York with about 12 minutes left. The Canadiens seemed to be pressing hard though, and a few minutes later they scored to tie the game. Hooray! But, uh…whoa. Sure, I’d expect a big reaction to the tying goal, but the Montreal fans were going cuckoo bananas. I went to TSN and checked out the box score…holy crapmonkey. The Canadiens were down 5-0 in the second period, and came back to tie the freaking game.

Better than that: they won the game in a shootout on a highlight reel goal by Saku Koivu. The fans were going out of their minds.

At first I was angry for missing such an incredible game, but let’s face it: when the score was 5-0 New York I’d have had to turn off the TV anyway, so I don’t imagine I’d have seen most of the comeback anyway. I’m just glad they won.

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