Including the phone call where they pretend the band has broken up?

I’m now more than 90% of the way through my MBA program. To tell you the truth I haven’t been thinking about it much lately. I haven’t worked on it — no reading, no writing, no ‘rithmetic-ing — for about a month, but I have an assignment due six days from now, so I think I know where my weekend is headed.


Man, would I love to go to Summercase in Spain this July. I have no desire to see an outdoor music festival, but Sweet Screaming Jesus would I ever love to see Mogwai play the entire Young Team album live.


This Richard Florida blog post contains three things that shock me:

  1. there are 17 large American urban school systems which have an expected high school graduation rate of below 50%;
  2. the average for the fifty largest American cities is 51.8%;
  3. the Detroit city school district — worst in the country — projects that less than one student in four will graduate.

Toronto, by comparison, runs about 75%.

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0 thoughts on “Including the phone call where they pretend the band has broken up?

  1. Well…I don’t who could boil it down to so simplistic an argument as that. It’d take some kind of genius or something.

  2. I should ask Trent to supply some stats on our schools in the north. I think the numbers there might make even Detroit look good.

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