I wonder how many guitar nerds are buying maps and hiking boots?

Just for shits and giggles, here are the top ten search engine hits on my blog in the last year:

  1. coniption fit tim adam
  2. protestant whiskey
  3. “______ _______”
  4. this day is bananas
  5. sh735026
  6. “this day is bananas”
  7. upcountry bankrupt
  8. thundercats are go
  9. fucdown
  10. ode to lrc

Those are, in order:

  1. Something Tim pointed me to at ScienceBlogs that asked bloggers to find five search terms that brings up their blog as the first Google hit. This hits my blog first every time, probably because I misspelled “conniption fit”, but that was kind of by design. I guess people at ScienceBlogs must keep testing it, ’cause I keep getting hits for it.
  2. A line from The Wire, maybe one of Jimmy McNulty’s best. A good Irish Catholic/alcoholic/cop, McNulty turns up his nose at the offer of Bushmills from a bartender, replying “That’s Protestant whiskey!”
  3. A friend of mine whose name I’ll not display here. Apparently she’s being stalked. Awesome.
  4. A line from The Office (I tend to put lines from TV shows, songs and movies in the title field of my blog posts…just a habit). Kelly Kapoor sings it (to the tune of the the Gwen Stefani song) on the day she’s put in charge. I assume people search for it because they want the ringtone. That’s a recurring theme here.
  5. According to The Onion, “a Welsh countryside house known as Bron-Yr-Aur, at the rock-grid coordinates SH735026…contains the never-before-heard Jimmy Page riff, hidden for decades in a mythic, impenetrable vault…the planet’s last, best hope for saving rock music.”
  6. See #4.
  7. We bought a bed around the time that UpCountry went bankrupt, and I blogged about the massive problems we had. Apparently others had some issues as well.
  8. A line from the film Juno. I suspect these were also ringtone-seekers.
  9. A word invented, as far as I know, by a former co-worker. We were in a particular situation deemed so bad that he considered it even worse than a fuckup…it was, in fact, a fucdown. Perhaps the missing “k” is meant to indicate even more dischord. I believe that I am the only hit Google finds for “fucdown” (along with the pingback from my brother’s blog, Technorati, etc.) so I think I own this bad boy now.
  10. The title of a Band Of Horses song.

If you want to see messed up, you should see the bottom of the list.

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