Rounding the corner

Tomorrow I go away for the week, to attend the on-site portion of my second-to-last course. It’ll be my last one at our training facility, which has become something of a second home. With, you know, rather unpleasant food.

I won’t lie, I’m kind of looking forward to this one. Not because of the subject matter (though certain aspects of marketing do interest me…just not what we’ve covered in this course) but because it should be relaxing, and it’ll be shorter than most. And there’re some preliminary celebrations happening, so it should be a pretty light week.

My big worry now is getting sick. So far I’ve managed to avoid any colds or flu while I’m on course, but in the last couple of days Nellie has gotten full-on sick and I’m starting to get the sniffles. Oh, and the city is shutting down the DVP and some other roads I’d normally take out of the city. If I’m sick tomorrow in a cab crawling up Bayview or Don Mills, I might start rethinking my early outlook on the week.


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