"Give me a Scotch. I'm starving."

Nine hours of sleep was just what the doctor ordered, even if it did mean going to bed like lame old people around 11:00. Still, after the week that was and stuffing ourselves with beer and pasta at Smokeless Joe, we didn’t have a lot of energy.

This morning, though, I was well awake. After catching up on email & feeds I grabbed some bagels from St. Urbain, some pretzels from the farmer’s market and a cappuccino for Nellie in the hopes of luring her out of the bed. Not long after that we quit the condo in search of goods & services. We struck out on the household stuff (we need a filing cabinet, a humidifier and an air purifier, but the selection at Staples/Canadian Tire was lacking) but picked up some other stuff…hiking shoes for Nellie, sunglasses & jeans for me. Dropping those off at home, and loving the weather, we set out to find a patio.

The Jason George was packed, so we tried the Flatiron & Firkin instead. We sat down on the warm, sunny patio and ordered a beer. It did not suck (to wit: I actually said “This does not suck.”) to sit in the sunshine and drink a Rickard’s white. Then things started to go wrong: the sun went behind the clouds, which cooled things off. Then the wind came up, which made it downright chilly. Then our food arrived, but not the calamari appetizer we’d ordered. We ate our meal quickly; it got so cold Nellie actually had to switch seats and hide behind the wall to stay out of the wind. After we finished our meals (my veggie burger was awful, by the way…it was like a giant piece of carrot pressed into a hockey puck) the calamari showed up. I would have been more annoyed except that it was piping hot, and I was cold, so you do the math. I scarfed it and we got the bill…then waited around forever for the server to bring us our change. I wanted to leave a crap tip; Nellie would not allow it. No balls, that girl.

However, we would not let a little cold or bad service ruin our day. Stopping back at the apartment to get changed, we found a showtime for Iron Man (imdb | rotten tomatoes) at the new theatre at Yonge & Dundas and took off. First of all, the theatre: it was our first time (it only opened a month or so ago) and…wow. Seats: comfy, reclining and plentiful. Screens: fracking ginormous. Dizzying combination of screaming teenagers and spinning lights making the Paramount Scotiabank theatre so nauseating: absent. I think we have a winner. Iron Man was, as promised, very good. Certainly one of the best superhero movies to date, if not the best. Go see. Fun for the whole family.

After that we just had a little time for a walk, then back home to relax a bit, make dinner and watch another movie. More on that tomorrow. For now…more sleep.

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