Belgian chocolate gelato = cold heaven

Another hot day, another evening sitting on the balcony and drinking cold beer with friends. After a day of work and watching football, another couple came over last night. The intention was to either make dinner or go out, but we ended up gorging ourselves on the delicious cheeses they brought: a powerful scotch cheddar, an amazing peppercorn something or other, and a Riopelle de l’Isle. Between that and the perpetual beer we were stuffed and didn’t need dinner, though we did walk down to Solferino around 9:30 to cool off.

This morning we grabbed some breakfast and then spent way too much time (and money, no doubt) at MEC picking up stuff (clothes, mainly) we need for hiking in BC.  It’s stinking hot again today, so walking home at high noon wasn’t nearly as pleasant as walking there at mid-morning.

All that done, I shall now go watch Germany beat up on Poland and them spend the rest of my evening wishing I didn’t have to work on MBA nonsense. But I do.

[tags]riopelle de l’isle, solferino, gelato, mec, euro 2008[/tags]

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