I have the coolest 5-year-old niece ever

Today is one of my niece’s fifth birthday. My brother sent over some pictures of her party, including one where she’s holding a spoon like a lightsaber. He also included a video of her, in the back of their minivan, clutching a stuffed sheep (I think?), singing along with the Foo Fighters. Not well, mind you, but she’s givin’ er.

This gives me faint hope for the musical taste of the next generation of Dickinsons, which I had all but written off when he sent me video of my nephew dancing along to “Bootylicious.” The time before that it was Great Big Sea.

I guess all my prayers for their souls are finally starting to pay off. Hear me now, kids: “Dylan…Dylan…Dylan…”

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0 thoughts on “I have the coolest 5-year-old niece ever

  1. Why revoke it? You should be proud that she is now branching out! She has been singing Dylan exclusively for years and now I am glad she is finally singing something else. She mumbles when she talks so it is the same thing as Dylan as no one but people who listen insanely close can actually make out what she is saying.

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