“We found a whole…gopher colony.”

One thing I have learned about the Rockies: the weather will switch from sun to rain at a moment’s notice, and will often overlap. Take today: it rained on and off several times, but each time the beginning or the end of the rain would be accompanied by brought sunshine. In any case, we didn’t let it lull us into a false sense of security; we opted out of any hikes, just taking a couple of walks (where we saw a nice alpine meadow and some gophers…I think) and sticking close to the cabin. Anyway, Nellie’s knees wouldn’t have allowed for much activity even had it been sunny.

Soon we’ll eat dinner and pack and have a glass of wine on the front porch, and after that we’ll go. I’ll leave here disappointed that we didn’t do everything we wanted to do…trail conditions kept us from seeing Lake MacArthur or the Opabin Plateau, while weather and injuries kept us from plan B today. Coming up to Lake O’Hara wasn’t a bad experience; far from it. The cabin was nice, the view was spectacular, we got to re-do the hike to Oesa, we had good food and good wine, and most importantly, we got to spend two days together in what’s rightly called the jewel of the Rockies. Nothing about that is bad. It just could have been brilliant.

So: onward. By this time tomorrow we should be in Kamloops, the halfway point of our trip. I guess if you’re reading this, it’ll mean that we’ve already reached Kamloops and the bountiful internet connections therein.

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