Homogeneous and precious…like MTV!

View from our Whistler balcony

‘Twas a long and winding road, my friends. We started out from Kamloops this morning after a superginormous breakfast, happily waving goodbye to our ugly Four Points hotel room. We drove west through the desert-like sage and scrub, through Cache Creek (dubbed “the armpit of the world” by a recent acquaintance) and southwest on highway 99. It was a long, boring drive along the Fraser river canyon; both of us felt nauseous by the time we reached Lillooet.

We switched drivers, and as it turned out, I had all the fun. Highway 99 from Lillooet to Pemberton (38 km from Whistler) is crazy…drive up a mountain, drive down a mountain, repeat. Lots of tight turns and short straightaways and 15% grades and runaway lanes. My friend M2 was right…it was like a video game. Good times. Anyway, we arrived at Whistler early in the afternoon and checked in.

Our hotel is nice, and our room is niiiiiiiice. Lots of space, very new, very comfortable, and a pretty view over the village (see above). The village itself is, as our hike book says, “a wee bit homogeneous and precious” and overrun by skateboard-toting teenagers with Burton tattooed to their foreheads, but pleasant enough. We had a bit of a stroll around and stopped for a beer (or three) at the Brewhouse, also at the suggestion of M2, before coming back to the room to veg and plan for tomorrow. Looks like hiking isn’t in the cards; maybe a little mountain biking. We shall see.

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