We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging…

I have nothing important to say, other than to report that I am basking in the fleeting euphoria of having hit the ‘submit’ button on my term paper tonight. I am not particularly proud of it, but I feel good that was able to get it done under some ugly time contraints…and with 72 hours to spare, no less.

I now have 3 nights of reading, followed by a night off, followed by three nights of working on my very last assignment MBA ever, then a visit from KG, then a 5-day trip, then a holiday, then four nights of finishing off the last assignment, then three days to read the final preparatory cases, then three days of nothing (!) followed by my last intensive & exam ever…at which point I am done. And if it seems depressing that I have every day allocated like that, believe me when I say it’s even worse from this side. I’ve been living like this since June 20, and it’s going to last until the middle of September.

But then…oh ho ho, look out, general populace. You are not ready for the kind of shenanigans I will get up to with free time on my hands. It’ll be like Cat Thunderdome up in here.


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