Hey look, pictures that move!

I haven’t had time to watch many movies lately; this weekend’s combination of lighter work load and sickness has provoked a furious spree of not one, not two, but three films.

I’d already seen the documentary, so the film version of Shake Hands With The Devil (imdb | rotten tomatoes) was a bit disappointing. It was a decent companion piece to the documentary, to help give more detail on the timeline of what actually happened, but ultimately — and surprisingly — didn’t help you understand the complexity of the situation nor of Romeo Dallaire himself.

The Quiet (imdb | rotten tomatoes) had a lot of promise — lots of ambiance and tension — but ended up wasting it on a weird conclusion and, though I can scarcely believe I’m complaining about this, too much focus on Elisha Cuthbert’s hotness. Big waste of Edie Falco too.

The War Within (imdb | rotten tomatoes) may have saved the weekend. Certainly one of the best films I’ve seen about terrorism, the so-called war on terror, Muslim life in America…all these interconnected complexities, but none of them were dealt with in a pat or easy way. Too bad it was never picked up for major distribution, though not surprising. You shouldn’t let that stop you, though. Go rent it.

I also half-watched two others over the past few weeks only because they were on TMN and I was procrastinating: Turistas and Resident Evil: Extinction (imdb | rotten tomatoes). Both were shite; Turistas at least had a semi-cool chase scene in a cave. Ignore them. Trust me.

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