So this is what regular life feels like

Long weekends used to mean an extra day to get schoolwork done before going back to the office. This long weekend, on the other hand, has meant an aggressive regime of nothing topped off with some lazy-sprints. True, we’ve cleaned up and organized and bought some things for the condo, and done the usual mundane housekeeping things like groceries, laundry and, well, housekeeping, but it’s felt like a very nice, relaxing weekend indeed. I had no intention of going away or doing anything for the long weekend (TIFF all but prohibits that anyway), just enjoying the city. And the weather…my god, the weather. Sunny & warm, but not muggy or smoggy. Just perfect. The barbeque’s gotten a workout.

Speaking of TIFF, Nellie got all 20 of her #1 picks too. She never did get her email, but we checked online et voila. We have 17 together, which is nice; always better to have someone with you in the line.

We’ve watched a couple of movies this weekend too, in an attempt to clear off the PVR in advance of next week when some things will pile up. Dan In Real Life (imdb | rotten tomatoes) was ok…cute, if a little boring. Steve Carell proved once again that he can do subtle as well as over-the-top. 30 Days Of Night (imdb | rotten tomatoes) wasn’t bad, as far as violent vampire thrillers go, but when your two leads are as bland and expressionless as Josh Hartnett and Melissa George, you’re in trouble. Timothy Hutton almost saved the film, but not quite.

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  1. Re: “Timothy Hutton almost saved the film [“30 Days of Night”], but not quite.” Would have been quite a feat for Timothy Hutton if he had saved this film, since he’s not even in it.:-)

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