Jumbo shrimp. Open secret. Deafening silence.

Awesome dentist.

Some time last night I broke a filling (which isn’t even my fault) and left a tiny jagged piece behind, which scraped the crap out of my tongue all night. This morning I called my dentist. He agreed to squeeze me in at 1:15. By 1:16 I was in his chair. By 1:17 he’d gently ground down the jagged bit. By 1:18 my tooth felt fine and he’d sent me on my way, free of charge.

I know this doesn’t seem like much, but it’s certainly a lot less painful (literally) than a typical trip to the dentist, and cost less than I expected, even for two minutes of work. If any dentist can be classified as awesome (relatively speaking) this guy can.

If you live in Toronto and consider your dentist less-than-awesome, try Dr. Lee at Royal Bank Plaza Dental.

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  1. I was told there was a comment out in the internet made about me that I should check out. Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. There are times when something like that only takes a few minutes to fix. It’s all part of the special treatment I like to give to my regular patients.
    Cheers, Andrew

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