Fear. Unbalanced.

As most of you have probably heard by now the CBC has removed from their website an article written three weeks ago by Heather Mallick about Sarah Palin, and apologized for posting it in the first place.

I’m unable to link to the article (obviously) but it was…well, rubbish. There are plenty of things about Sarah Palin with which to take issue without resorting to name-calling and cheap slander. Throwing a “white trash” into your argument will pretty much discount it down to worthless. I’m a little surprised at Mallick, who usually puts a little more thought into her arguments. So yes, the CBC should have caught this one somewhere between “submit” and “approve” and told her to write it like a journalist, not like a street preacher.

I’ll tell you what really bugs me about this whole affair. It isn’t that Mallick lowered herself to the screechy level of Ann Coulter. It isn’t even that the CBC deleted the article from the website. It’s that they deleted the article because of criticism from Fox News and, to a lesser degree, the National Post.

If the CBC was pressured by the Canadian public, who pays their bills, fine; that’s who they answer to. They should have taken down the article because it offends the people’s sense of what journalism should be. But how in the hell can pressure from Fox News carry any weight whatsoever? Who cares what they think when it’s so transparent a partisan reaction? Check out this video clip:

Fox News wasn’t protesting the decay of journalistic integrity; indeed it would be rarefied air for them as they let pass streams of invective — far worse than anything Ms. Mallick wrote — from the likes of the afore-mentioned Ann Coulter. Fox was, contrary to any semblance of impartiality, sticking up for the Republican. Had an actual news organization protested, I could understand that having some sway, but why the CBC would pay any heed to Fox News is beyond me.

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0 thoughts on “Fear. Unbalanced.

  1. Ohmigod. The Fox outrage. I just love that they seem baffled that the guys from the Citizen – even though he seems to think Mallick’s gone too far – isn’t willing to explode in fits of rage and denounce her.

    I would like to see Jeremy Paxman and Fiona Bruce cut a deadly swath of reportage through the very heart of Fox News.

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