Another pointless election, another Conservative minority. No one is surprised by this, though Stephen Harper must be disappointed. With the opposition — especially the Liberals — this weak and the Green party sucking up left-wing votes, this was his best chance for a majority, but he couldn’t quite get there.

Speaking of the Liberals, I’d have to think that the party organizers have already put down a deposit on a hall big enough to hold a leadership convention. Stephane Dion has no doubt picked out his cigarette and blindfold. Meanwhile, the CBC is already asking Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff about their campaign plans.

If the Liberals were smart they’d push a big wedge issue to the forefront of Canadian debate, like abortion or gun control, that will create a fracture in the Conservatives between the moderates and old reformers and divide that vote. However, I shan’t hold my breath waiting for any innovative or progressive tactics from the Liberals. Unite the left, anybody?

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