Now: two reasons to feel guilty when ordering dessert

So let’s see…what’s happened since last I blogged? I had some lunch at Rogue’s Roost, walked around the Public Gardens, walked up to the campus and picked up my gown, fought off a wicked-ass headache, and spent the evening at a very nice work function. Said work function was followed by too many hours at the Lower & Middle Deck.

This morning, after too little sleep, we met some friends for brunch, did a little shopping, met up with my parents, came back and relaxed at the hotel for a bit, and went out to dinner at Il Mercato. This time out wasn’t as good as my visit in August…it was too loud to have a conversation, and there was a massive lineup of people hovering over our tables, staring at our food and silently willing us to eat faster. That kind of put a damper on the dinner.

Tonight I’m happily chilling out for a bit. Nellie’s off having a glass of wine with her mom, while I catch up on some reading and get some quiet time. Tomorrow morning the big event starts early.

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