But I like it bright when I do my dog-walking…

Every night when we turn off the lights, it feels like there’s still a lamp on somewhere in our condo. The lights at Moss Park, nearly a kilometre away, are so bright that I wouldn’t be able to sleep in any room facing them without drawing the blinds. They stay on all night, whether or not anyone’s on the field. This seems like a colossal waste of energy.

I understand that maybe it’s a safety issue, to keep the park lit, but wouldn’t one stand of lights be enough?

0 thoughts on “But I like it bright when I do my dog-walking…

  1. No, it wouldn’t. The city tried that previously when people who bought condos surrounding Moss Park complained after they moved there. Crime rates in and around the park increased. If you don’t like, you have a choice — move.

  2. You know, if you’d kept your comment to just the first three sentences, I’d have thanked you for stopping by and providing some insight. But then you had to go and be a douche.

    So what, there’s no middle ground? There’s no standard street-level lighting solution that could be installed to provide safe light around the park while the interior park lights are partially dimmed? There’s no way to maintain safety levels AND reduce power consumption, so anyone bothered by this reality should pick up and move?

    Maybe if you hadn’t misinterpreted what I said and then jumped to attack the misinterpretation, you’d have realized that moving (a helpful and sensible suggestion, to be sure) wouldn’t solve my concern: power consumption. I don’t give a fuck how bright it is. I have blinds. I’d just like to keep the unnecessary energy waste to a minimum.

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