If not, I'm gonna have a lifetime supply of coasters

I’ve acquired a scant 11 DVDs this year, by far the fewest since I started keeping track of these things, and almost certainly the fewest since I bought a DVD player in 2000. Three of those — American Psycho, Full Metal Jacket and S.W.A.T. — came free when Nellie got me a Blu-Ray player, and Full Metal Jacket‘s the only one I would’ve even thought about buying otherwise. Another — Persepolis — was a gift, and another — Forgetting Sarah Marshall — my wife bought, not me.

Even if I count all 11, it’s still less than the number of books I bought this year…again, probably the first time that’s happened since at least 2000.

When I was a kid my parents bought a ton of movies on VHS, partially because we all like to re-watch movies, and partially because in the middle of nowhere with only two or three TV channels, you have to stockpile your entertainment options. I kept that mentality when I began buying for myself, building a library, buying 30 or 40 movies some years. Movies aren’t completely on-demand for me yet, but I can feel it getting close; I guess that’s why I’ve stopped hording.

Now then…anyone want to buy ~250 DVDs?

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