Attention Toronto: brace yourself for more army jokes

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this is why the rest of the country makes fun of us.

Now’s the time to call your boss and ask if you can either work from home or just take the day off tomorrow — anything to avoid driving through the storm that Environment Canada predicts is going to drop upwards of 20 centimetres of snow on Toronto and surrounding area.

Fer chrissakes, people. It’s winter. It’s Canada. It’s 8 inches of snow. Montreal doesn’t even send out the snowplows for that much. Hell, no one in Saskatchewan even bothers looking for a shovel if it’s less than a foot.

Find yourselves some (snow)balls.

0 thoughts on “Attention Toronto: brace yourself for more army jokes

  1. SHUT.

    Look, you and I know this, but the more all-season radial morons the Star can convince to stay off the road, the better I like it.

  2. Fair enough. But the fact that many Torontonians don’t even think to change their tires is probably also grounds for national fun-making.

  3. I think people here are expecting a cataclysm. 36 hours before the storm hit Environment Canada had already dubbed the storm — and I’m not making this up — Snowmageddon.

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