"The German Claw, Mister McCluckCluck!!"

Last night I dreamed about something…unexpected. I very, very rarely remember my dreams at all, maybe once or twice a year, so it was odd that what I would remember dreaming about was Grand Prix Wrestling.

If you didn’t grow up in the Maritimes you’re unlikely to know what that is. I’m pretty sure it only aired on local stations. Imagine the early days of the WWF, but with much lower budgets and hilarious nicknames. Even my own memories of it are quite fuzzy. But last night I could remember, as clear as day, names like Bulldog Bob Brown, Sweet Daddy Siki, Killer Karl Krupp, Big Stephen Pettipas, No-Class Bobby Bass, The Cuban Assassin and Leo Burke, and apparently my dream last night was the revival tour. It’s a bit hazy now but I’m pretty sure I remember someone grabbing the Cuban Assassin by his beard and throwing him, and Killer Karl’s signature line (in the subject line) definitely came up.

Weird. I don’t imagine I’ve thought about Grand Prix Wrestling in 25 years. Any bets on what I’ll dream about tonight? Littlest Hobo episode? Greatest American Hero theme song? My brother’s old yellow bike with the banana seat?

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  1. Atlantic Grand Prix is the only reason I know where Cocagne, New Brunswick is. I think they had an event there every other week.

    We were big AGP fans growing up, and I remember going to a few events, one of which was particularly exciting as Ric Flair was there. He was a mega-superstar, coming from the WWF. I mean, he was usually on cable TV.

  2. Wow. That is old. Perhaps you’ve blanked it out, but I mentioned Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling in my family memories at our reunion last summer.

    AGPW was pretty exciting at the time, though. Randy Savage wrestled on there a few times, as Leapin’ Lanny was his brother.

  3. I remember one time seeing Mr T wrestle midgets as a visiting wrestler. Almost makes me think I dreamt it. I also found it interesting that the good guys just had the word ‘Big’ put in front of their names (Big Stephen Pettipas, Big Leo Burke). Ah the simplier times, when you could hide a foreign object in your beard and the officials couldn’t find it even after you gashed open someones forehead…

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