"Bonjour, Angleterre."

We watched Son Of Rambow (imdb | rotten tomatoes) yesterday. Cute, very funny in places (like any time Didier was on the screen, or when the lead character was told to hide in a bush) but just a bit too saccharine at times. Still, worth renting on a day when you’re in a light mood, if only to see how the religious youth of Britain were shaped by the cultural phenomenon of First Blood.

Still with camp-iconic films from 1982, I watched The Wrath Of Khan yesterday too, for about the shamwowsandth time. Still awesome, even (especially?) the badness. As I twittered yesterday:

There is nothing quite so awesome as the way Ricardo Montalban says “Ahdmeerill?!?”

Except how he turns into Space Ahab at the end.

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