Today's tweets

  • Getting up before 5am is a suck. #yawn #
  • Reading @plasmatron’s setlist reports has me all giddy, wondering what I’ll hear in two weeks. I can haz “My Father My King” encore? #
  • Deli breakfast down my neck. Let the second half of the day begin! #
  • @shaiza But very in line with their current window display. And it got people talking! To wit: you tweeted for the first time in months. 🙂 in reply to shaiza #
  • RT @FakeSteveHarper: It would be nice to gain the ~10k followers I need to pass @pmharper. Someone get that done for me, ok? #followfriday #
  • Promo email from Porter Airlines. No text, images don’t load, ‘contact us’ and ‘unsubscribe’ links broken. #emailmarketingfail #flyporter #
  • i think i’ve found my brother’s early christmas gift: #
  • Done, heading home. Maybe there’s something to be said for getting to work crazy-early… #
  • “What we don’t know could fill a truck. What we don’t know cannot hurt us.” ♫ #
  • This Bill Moyers interview with The Wire writer David Simon is exceptional. #
  • @spotlightcity We ended up going more pubby. Jason George. in reply to spotlightcity #
  • Note to self: if you want to stay awake past 11, don’t get up before 5. I. Am. So. Old. #

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