Tweets for 2009-05-01

  • Can’t get Kim Deal’s wailing/moaning on “River Euphrates” out of my head right now. #pixies #endlessloop #
  • @Timinator It must be a conundrum for you. You get to go home early, but the reasoning behind that decision is SO flawed. It must kill you. in reply to Timinator #
  • @Timinator OK, well, maybe not so much. It IS sunny out, after all… #
  • Until this Advil kicks in I would appreciate it if y’all would refer to me as Captain Migraine. Thanks in advance. #
  • Need to find a better quality version of “Lafayette Blues” by the White Stripes. Because it might just be their best song. #
  • @mmpartee Morriss, I’d say hi, but I’m still not talking to you following that whole Bruins-Canadiens thing. in reply to mmpartee #
  • Just got a huge (but awesome) pile of work dropped on me. The challenge now will be to keep it from ruining #hotdocs09 for me this weekend. #
  • @modernmod Because you’re on the patio I hate you with the burning passion of a thousand stars. Big ones, too, not those little dwarf ones. in reply to modernmod #
  • RT @gajarga: This will not end well: ATTENTION @modernmod !! #
  • Dan needs a beer like the Jays need a starting rotation. #
  • The server knocked my beer over. I caught it before it spilled. Maritimer reflexes: still intact. Good to know. #
  • @modernmod Do you mean Babur? Babar is the cartoon elephant. 🙂 #
  • I think our waiter has been eaten by wolves. Or possibly swallowed by the earth. #
  • @Weedrummerbhoy What’s to translate? r = ah. Like the British, but more nasal. #
  • @modernmod “I’m Confused” by the Handsome Furs = winner. in reply to modernmod #
  • @modernmod alright then. while i’m at it: “chancer” by the von bondies. or “21st birthday” in a pinch. #ukula in reply to modernmod #
  • @modernmod good choice. one of my songs of the year so far. in reply to modernmod #

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