Tweets for 2009-05-03

  • Oak Ridge boys covering The White Stripes. I feel like I should hate this more than I do. #
  • Girl next to me at Fran’s was fighting back vomit. I beat a hasty retreat. #
  • And now the 2 old men sitting in the barber chairs are railing against the liberal media. Did you know the NY Times backed Stalin + Hitler? #
  • @Andrew_D No, that was the Sunset Grill. That’s where I’d planned to go but the line was 20 people long. Fran’s was plan B. in reply to Andrew_D #
  • @rshevlin It didn’t kill me so much as make me snicker. The conspiracy theories got worse from there. And no, they were at least 50. 🙂 in reply to rshevlin #
  • Freshly shorn. Off to start my Hot Docs screenings. Hope the rain holds off until I’m done my lineups. #hotdocs09 #
  • Documentary finished. At The Beguiling now…free comic day! #
  • Now at Victory Cafe. Ice cold beer = happy wife. #
  • Back in line for Carmen Meets Borat. #
  • No, I do not want a Scene card. Stop asking me. #hotdocs09 #

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