Tweets for 2009-05-05

  • Ran 3 mi last night, another 3 mi this morning. Haven’t run in a while so my legs aren’t very happy with me right now. Suck it, appendages. #
  • Sad that I’ve only been to 5 of these museums, but I should knock off 1 or 2 more in Paris this fall. #
  • @spotlightcity Wow. No, it most certainly does not. in reply to spotlightcity #
  • @plasmatron says Mogwai’s Mtl encore was Like Herod & Batcat. b/c they’ve been alternating nightly will I get My Father My King? #mogwai #
  • The eternal question: earplugs or no earplugs? #mogwai #
  • @Timinator I’m not wearing them. I just feel like I should ask the question. Anyway, it won’t be as bad as last time in tiny Lee’s Palace. in reply to Timinator #
  • At the House On Parliament. #
  • @fyang Embrace the pain! Rock Action! #
  • Aaaaaaaand here we are. First live gig in forever. #
  • Just in time for The Twilight Sad! #
  • Ummm… @plasmatron was just standing next to me trying to force a stage door open. What the what? #
  • Twiligjht Sad: very solid. Good warmup for the eardrums. #
  • Mogwai Fear Satan FTW. #
  • Like Herod zomg. #
  • My mistake My Father My King. #

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