Tweets for 2009-05-05

  • Home, where it’s quiet and I can tell exactly how much my ears are ringing. #
  • @gajarga Glad you’re enjoying. How’re the ears? in reply to gajarga #
  • @gajarga Me either. I’m…almost a little disappointed. in reply to gajarga #
  • Last night’s #Mogwai show drew songs from 8 different albums. #
  • @Weedrummerbhoy @Plasmatron Amazing show last night, guys. Thanks. Come back soon. #
  • Chain-smoking meetings today. #
  • Back at the Victory Cafe before the next documentary: The Cove. God help me. #hotdocs09 #
  • Problem: I think I drank just enough Neustadt 10W30 to make my sleepy. #
  • Wow. Line for The Cove is HUGE. #hottocs09 #

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