Tweets for 2009-05-07

  • @ZoeSasha Agreed. For extra yummy try it with the Raincoast crisps that have dried cranberries. Sounds blah, is awesome. in reply to ZoeSasha #
  • The Cove = harrowing. Also awesome. Go to #hotdocs09 @lisarandolph, it’s playing at the SFF later this month. #
  • @ZoeSasha On their own I’m not a big fan, but paired with that applewood…manoman. in reply to ZoeSasha #
  • I don’t normally pay much attention to football highlights, but that Christiano Ronaldo free kick…wow. #
  • @foreverginger The washroom at the Bloor Theatre in Toronto bears the words “Kevin Smith shat here.” Scrawled by the man himself perhaps? in reply to foreverginger #
  • @lisarandolph Hopefully it’s not as complicated a ticket process as the Toronto film festival. in reply to lisarandolph #
  • Listening to the playlist of songs from Monday night’s #Mogwai setlist. #
  • Leaving before 6 *again*. Miraculous, truly. Who’s up for some mahjongg? #
  • I really want this burger to arrive, partly because I’m so hungry, partly cuz they’re playing Pussycat Dolls on the radio. #letmeouttahere #

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