The day's tweets

  • RT @JayOnrait: Producer Tim points out that not only are Man-Ram and A-Rod both potentially juicers… They both have homoerotic nicknames. #
  • @ccrosbie Thanks for the follow. It’s LtDan though. 🙂 in reply to ccrosbie #
  • @rshevlin Don’t forget the unnecessarily confusing product names. in reply to rshevlin #
  • @mgarrity I wish I could visit Patterson’s Creek on a day like today. If you’re walking back downtown from Dow’s take a second to enjoy it! in reply to mgarrity #
  • Ever since someone (*cough* @cjsteven *cough) mentioned McDonald’s I’m craving a 1/4 pounder. Which is weird, b/c I *never* want that shit. #
  • @Tinfoiling Sigh. Here in Toronto the homeowners are throwing a spaz about coyotes, as if they’re a pack of Cujos out to eat kids. Sad. in reply to Tinfoiling #
  • Remind me never, ever to visit Australia. #giantspiders #nothankyou #
  • It’s gotten to the point now where, when work settles down to a normal level, I feel like I’m missing something or doing something wrong. #
  • On phone w/ Rogers. First leg went surprisingly well. Turns out if you swear at the speech reco system you’re kicked to the good agents. #
  • @spotlightcity If you visit the Maritimes you can buy a McLobster sandwich. I hear they’re delicious. Ish. in reply to spotlightcity #
  • Volo. Not outside, but almost as good. And beer in hand, so all’s well. Happy Friday, everybody. #

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