"Oh yeah. Me and my friends are meeting at a gun store."

Well, that was another low-key, yet enjoyable weekend. After Friday’s movie excursion we slept in a little, then got up and did a little bit of furniture shopping. Something must be done about our balcony. Then we skipped over to Liberty Village, off King West, to check out a furniture store. After locating a couch we wanted and probably identifying a new option for the den (day bed FTW!) we had lunch at the Brazen Head pub. Not the original, obviously, the slightly newer Toronto version. Damn if they didn’t have one of the best salads I’ve ever eaten. There were a few Toronto FC fans there when we arrived, but by the time it was swarming with red jerseys, a byproduct of it being the nearest decent pub to BMO Field.

On the way home we picked up a bottle of wine to bring with us to GB’s birthday party, got cleaned up (at which point I realized I’d been sunburned, no mean feat since I don’t remember actually spending much time in the sun), caught a little breather and then jumped on a streetcar. We arrived in time to find the beer chilling and meat ready to grill. Two burgers, some Applewood smoked cheddar, several beers later and excellent conversation — my controversial position on Jim Balsillie’s tactics and our various strategies in the event of a zombie attack being just two examples — later, we grabbed a cab home and crashed.

Today was a little more low-key: slept in (again woo!), watched Terminator, planned some balcony decorations, checked out a Contact exhibit at BCE place, enjoyed a little walk in the sun, picked up groceries, watched Terminator 2, grilled steaks and fixed a problem with the PVR. Sweet.

Maybe not quite as sweet as my brother’s weekend in Paris with an Armagnac drip, but still pretty good.

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