"Wish safe quick soon mission into next eternity."

I’ve finished one book and moved on to the next, and in doing so may have wrecked my brain’s transmission.

It was a pretty dramatic shift to finish The Long Walk To Freedom by Nelson Mandela (amazon) and start reading Chuck Palahniuk‘s Pygmy (amazon), not only because of the drastically different subject matter, but also because I’ve left the articulate and erudite memoirs of a lawyer and freedom fighter and found myself waist-deep in the bizarre pidgin of Pygmy’s protagonist. Here’s an example from page 2:

“Only one step with foot, operative me to defile security of degenerate American snake next. Den of evil. Hive of corruption. Host family of operative me waiting, host arms elbow bent to flutter fingers in attention of this agent. Host family shouting, arms above with wiggling finger.”

The entire book is like this, every single page…or so I assume. So even though Pygmy’s a fraction of the size of Long Walk, it’ll probably take me just as long to read.

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