No noose is good noose

I hate neckties.

I own several, and will employ one on rare occasions, but generally I will do my very best to avoid wearing one. My reasons are three-fold:

  1. They’re uncomfortable. Not the ties themselves, I suppose, but the shirt collars which have to be buttoned tight in order to facilitate the tying of the tie. By hitching up my neck and then tying a knot (albeit a stylish one) around my adam’s apple I feel as if I’m trying to commit very languid suicide.
  2. They’re useless. I wear suits to work most days. I feel comfortable in them, but not just because I like how they look. A good suit and dress shirt both protect and breathe, so on -40 days I don’t feel cold and on +40 days I’m much cooler than I should be considered I’m wearing three layers. On top of all that, they’re functional (lots of pockets) and very easy to wrangle in the morning…just grab a bag out of the closet and presto. Ties, on the other hand, serve no useful purpose. They’re only for decoration. Combine with with my previous point about discomfort and they’re no better than the fancy-but-painful shoes that I tease Nellie for wearing sometimes.
  3. I like the no-tie look. I like the dress-up of a suit and the dress-down of no tie…suits can be casual, you know. And hey, it works for Clooney. Not that I’m fit to carry the man’s dress socks, style-wise, but if he does it I think I’m on pretty safe sartorial ground to take the same approach.

Nellie likes to give me a hard time about not wearing a tie with my suits. What does everyone else think? Is it okay to go tie-less with a suit?

0 thoughts on “No noose is good noose

  1. It is okay, but only on special occasions when that casual aspect is called for. I rarely wear a tie into the office, but I don’t wear my suit jacket either. If I am wearing a jacket I almost always wear a tie. Until my recent wardrobe purge I had over 20 of them.

  2. Mmmmmmm… George Clooney…. Wait, what was I doing?

    Oh yeah. I only give you a hard time when you don’t wear a tie to weddings, formal parties, and job interviews… I think that those occassions call for ties.

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