Men are from Mars, women are from a different planet with longer grace periods

For a while now I’ve been meaning to blog about some survey results I saw over at The Financial Brand:

A study by Financial Finesse shows stark differences in the ways men and women feel about money. The firm analyzed more than 3,000 responses to an online financial planning questionnaire, revealing trends regarding spending, saving and investing.

Men vs. Women

What do you think? Does this sound right to you? This doesn’t seem to accurately represent my female friends, but I think I have a skewed sample to draw from. Also, question #2 might be misleading: I’m betting people who don’t have/use credit cards were still counted as a “no” response.

0 thoughts on “Men are from Mars, women are from a different planet with longer grace periods

  1. Those stats exactly match my experiences, especially the credit card one.

    However, I also believe there’s also some response bias for men in these sorts of questions. We don’t want to appear out of control of money: it’s one of the things we’re “supposed to be on top of”. I would guess that we’re more liable than women to give a lying positive response on financial matters.

  2. I thought the picture was interesting. It portays a man in business attired while the woman is dressed more casually. It immediately made me wonder if the questions were posed to the same demographics.

  3. Demographics for the study were not disclosed. The photos are indeed generic clip art, chosen (after about an hour of searching) simply because they have a rotated profile. It gave more room to make the numbers bigger.

    I only used pictures because labeling a column “men” and “women” just seemed too dull.


    If you really want to get serious about analyzing the nature of the data, go to the original source I link to in my article. It suggests/implies that the people who participated were in need of some sort of financial counseling. That could be a factor.

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