"I think all we can aspire to in this situation is a little bit of grace."

Oh, it was a movie-watching weekend, it was. We’re still trying to whittle down the PVR storage before going on vacation, but today we went to the Scotiabank theatre for a little Natsie killin’.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (imdb | rotten tomatoes) was better than I thought it would be. Woody Allen movies can be hit and miss with me, but I’ve found his more recent films (which don’t star him or a reasonable facsimile thereof) really enjoyable. All four main actors in this are fantastic, but Barcelona itself was a huge part of the film. It looked as cool and interesting and complex as any of the characters. Maybe Woody has a new muse to go along with New York.

I’d been avoiding Away From Her (imdb | rotten tomatoes) for a while, partly because I’d read mixed reviews, and partly because Alzheimer’s scares the living shit out of me. While I can say that finally watching it did nothing to assuage the latter, it did a great deal to refute the former. I thought it was excellent, and awful, and heartbreaking, and so very well done. Alice Munro’s words, Sarah Polley’s direction and gargantuan performances from Gord Pinsent and Julie Christie made it at once nearly unwatchable and nearly perfect.

Shifting gears just a tidge, Inglourious Basterds (imdb | rotten tomatoes) was pretty much as advertised: a violent, talky piece of revisionist history about Nazi-killing. There were  a lot of great scenes — the savage finale in particular — but Cristoph Waltz nearly stole the show in the first ten minutes. Brad Pitt felt pretty out of place there…I found myself longing for Aldo Raine as played by Daniel Day-Lewis. Alas, I wasn’t asked to take charge of casting. Still, a highly enjoyable 2.5 hours.

0 thoughts on “"I think all we can aspire to in this situation is a little bit of grace."

  1. I wish I’d stuck with Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I watched it for 5 minutes on a plane and gave up when the voice-overs annoyed the living crap out of me. I did fall in love with Barcelona when I was there last year, though, and would like to revisit it on film.

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