Film 2 of 5, Triage (tiff | imdb) made it on my list because it was directed by Danis Tanovic (who made No Man’s Land all those years ago). Nellie might have been influenced by the fact that Colin Farrell stars in it. I can’t criticize her too much for that; if I’d noticed that Paz Vega was in it when I read the guide that might have swayed me too. Vega wasn’t here, though, and Colin Farrell was, so there hordes of losers hanging out on Yonge Street trying to catch a glimpse of him. Tragic.

Anyway…the film. Very powerful stuff, as you can see if you read the TIFF guide’s description. Great performance from Christopher Lee and an amazing turn from Farrell. As unlikely as it seems, this felt like a reasonably fresh look at war. My only complaint, strangely, is that it was too short. It felt like the second half of the film, the aftermath, progressed too quickly. I wanted more time with Lee and Farrell interacting; it felt too rushed, too easy.

Still, a very good film, and one that solidifies Tanovic in my mind as someone who gets a guaranteed green light from me when picking my TIFF schedule.


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