Best albums of 2009

We’ve entered the time of year where there aren’t really any more new albums coming out that I care about, so here are what I consider the ten best to be released this year.

  • and you will know us by the trail of dead . the century of self
  • the antlers . hospice
  • neko case . middle cyclone
  • drummer . feel good together
  • the heartless bastards . the mountain
  • japandroids . post-nothing
  • lightning dust . infinite light
  • jay reatard . watch me fall
  • the rural alberta advantage . hometowns
  • william elliott whitmore . animals in the dark

Those are in alphabetical order, obviously. If I were to pick my favourite of the year I’d probably land on Japandroids or The RAA, but top to bottom that’s a pretty strong lineup, even without the likes of The Dead Weather, Fanfarlo, The Thermals, The Xx or Now, Now Every Children, all of which I quite liked.

And for the bonus round, here are my two favourite albums from past years which I only discovered in the last twelve months:

  • the black angels . passover
  • the plastiscines / lp1

So…what’d I miss?

0 thoughts on “Best albums of 2009

  1. I’ve been listening to Dan Mangan’s Nice, Nice, Very Nice a lot for the past month or so. “Basket” has quickly turned into one of my favorite songs.

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