Best songs of 2009

Lo and behold, my twenty favourite songs of 2009, listed according to artist:

  • and you will know us by the trail of dead . “fields of coal”
  • the antlers . “two”
  • dan auerbach . “heartbroken, in disrepair”
  • neko case . “middle cyclone”
  • drummer . “mature fantasy”
  • florence and the machine . “dog days are over”
  • john frusciante . “unreachable”
  • great lake swimmers . “still”
  • the heartless bastards . “be so happy”
  • japandroids . “heart sweats”
  • lightning dust . “i knew”
  • now, now every children . “everyone you know”
  • the rural alberta advantage . “the dethbridge in lethbridge”
  • the thermals . “when i died”
  • ume . “the conductor”
  • the von bondies . “chancer”
  • william elliott whitmore . “old devils”
  • wye oak . “tattoo”
  • the xx . “crystalised”
  • the yeah yeah yeahs . “heads will roll”

The list is a bit of a cheat, as I tried not to have more than one song per artist, even though “Kettering” by Antlers, “Ascending” by …Trail Of Dead, “Diamonds To Shake” by Drummer and Wye Oak‘s “Mary Is Mary” are all on my ‘favourite songs of the year’ playlist.

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