Paddles up

I went dragon boating today. First time, probably last time. It was actually kind of fun, even if I did end up wearing more of Lake Ontario than I would have liked. Couldn’t have picked a better day though…sunny, hot and water like a pane of glass.

Not much question whether I’ll be sore tomorrow. If my shoulders could give me a look both quizzical and annoyed, they would.

0 thoughts on “Paddles up

  1. After 13 years finally got you to try the unofficial sport of Toronto. It can be fun, but only if all team members are aligned on the intensity they want to participate. Course I did it for 4 or 5 years and sort of met my wife through it, so I can’t really have too many negative impressions on it.

    Let it run…

  2. If I’d written down the things I thought you likely to do on a weekend, Dragon Boating would have been well down the list. Well done for surprising me!

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