At last: winter

Snow drifting on our balcony
Snow drifting on our balcony

After not having much of a winter last year I suspect we’re in for a rough one this time around. Yesterday was cold and messy and made for slow driving, but it’s been so long in coming that people seemed to enjoy it. It was actually quite beautiful for a few hours, until the exhaust had at it.

The next time I’m in a howling February snowstorm I’m sure I’ll forget ever saying this, but I like winter. I like having snow on the ground, even if I have to walk through it, and miss it when there’s none about on December 25th. The feeling of still sub-zero air is one of my favourites, especially when I’m in the woods of my family’s farm or in the Rockies or standing in a downtown Toronto plaza, deserted on a weekend.

Obviously I can see the appeal of living in a place with no cold weather, but I think I’d miss it pretty quickly. I’d miss the variety it provides in the year, and the feeling of sheer joy we all get when spring arrives. Most Canadians with no tolerance for snow just move south to Florida or Arizona, but there’s not enough sunshine in the world to make me move to a state so monumentally damaged. Case in point.

One thought on “At last: winter

  1. I do like snow, it does get old though when it hits in November and you also get it through until April. There is a certain euphoria that you feel when you realize winter is ending though. We had the 5th most snowy December ever for Cincinnati in 2010 – we got 15 inches for the total month – no more than 6 at any one point. Tomorrow we are getting 3-5 inches and folks are planning for ‘white death’ to descend on this city…but you should see my 4 foot wide homemade shovel – it rocks!!!!

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