The beat and the pulse

I don’t know who pointed me to Said the Gramophone‘s top 100 songs of 2010 mix, but…thanks guy/gal. Among the 70 or so songs that I didn’t already know and/or like, I fell for the following:

  • Austra . “Beat and the Pulse”
  • Basia Bulat . “The Shore”
  • Beach House . “Zebra”
  • Blue Hawaii . “Blue Gowns”
  • Eternal Summers . “Bully in Disguise”
  • Frog Eyes . “Flower in a Glove”
  • Iron & Wine . “Walking Far From Home”
  • Khaira Arby . “Khaira”
  • Laura Marling . “Alpha Shallows”
  • Lykke Li . “Get Some”
  • Maison Neuve . “Under Skies of Fire”
  • Ô Paon . “Sainte Patronne de Rien Pantoute”
  • Surfer Blood . “Swim”
  • Warpaint . “Undertow”
  • Zola Jesus . “Lightsick”

I think I’ve fallen hardest for the Khaira Arby song. The first time I listened to it I hit ‘repeat’ about four times. But the Iron & Wine, Maison Neuve and Basia Bulat songs are catching up fast.

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