It shakes my teeth

So I was going to write this whole long thing about how hard The Pixies killed me last night at Massey Hall, playing Doolittle cover to cover on the 22nd anniversary of the day it was released and throwing in a bunch of great encore songs to boot (including a UK surf mix of “Wave Of Mutilation” which gave Nellie her favourite song twice) and getting a little emotional during Where Is My Mind? and on and on and etc.

But then I read Kate Carraway’s review and gave up. She says it better than I could. I saw things in there like “growled exaltations” and “exoticizing of the raw and hideous” and “hysterically ragged” and all I could think of was Ben Fong-Torres in Almost Famous saying “‘Voice of God, howling dogs, the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.’ This is good stuff, man!” and now in my head Kate Carraway’s in the movie.

Va. Read it and hurry.

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