Day 16 & 17: …le déluge

Rainy. Windy. Grey. Nothing doing this day except to relax.

We considered a swim in the sea, but it was a little too rough. Pretty, but rough. We settled for wading along the edge of the surf.

We even went for a dip in the pool; everyone thought we were nuts, but wet is wet, and we might as well get a swim in. Apart from that all we did was drink wine on our deck, read, nap, write and hang out in the bar. It’s too bad we didn’t have nice weather, but it was probably good to have some forced relaxation. We needed it.

The following day was even greyer, rainier and windier…too wet to even sit on our deck. So: shuttle back to Cairns, beer at Blue Sky Brewery in Cairns airport, flight back to Sydney, et voila: home (kinda) again.

One thought on “Day 16 & 17: …le déluge

  1. Hi Dan,

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the beers at our Blue SKy Bar at the Cairns Airport! Let’s hope that next time you visit it’s much nicer weather for you!

    All the best…

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