How to clear out a room after a pefectly good meal

Last night we had friends over for dinner, mainly to celebrate CB’s birthday, but also just to get caught up and have a few laughs. We covered a trajillion topics, as is our custom, and ate a great meal courtesy of Nellie:


Benjamin Bridge Nova 7


Charcuterie (Niagara prosciutto, salami, hot csabai)



Hidden Bench 2008 Terroir Cache Meritage

Hidden Bench 2009 Nuit Blanche


Roasted red pepper, fennel, garlic and corn with grilled scallops on arugula

Stratus White 2006

Stratus White 2007


Apple cider beef short ribs

Garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed greens and roasted beets

Southbrook 2008 Triomphe Cabernet Sauvignon

Southbrook 2009 Triomphe Syrah

Marietta Old Vines Lot 56


Hazelnut birthday cake

Veuve Clicquot champagne


Dessert and champagne were courtesy of GB, but everything else was prepared by Nellie, and nearly everything was from Ontario.

The evening ended on a high note. And by high note, I mean it got hilariously inappropriate.

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