There and back again (in 48 hours)

This past weekend involved a rapid-fire trip back to see family in NS, since the Aussie brother was visiting. We popped in to see the mother-in-law in Truro, then spent a little under two days on the family farm. We ate barbecue and hung with my nephews and nieces (including the brand new one) and slept in and enjoyed the weather and got mega-licked by dogs and ate drive-thru sundaes from Dairy Queen and went for walks through blueberry blossoms and helped set up a trampoline and tried some new beer and got sunburned and watched tennis.

Also: apparently I’ve developed an allergy to NS, because as soon as I got off the plane in Halifax I was stuffed up, coughing, and wiping my eyes. As soon as we touched down back in Toronto I was fine.


Cover photo by Tim Dickinson, used under Creative Commons license

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