“Well they’re not moon burns, goddammit.”

While Nellie was away this weekend I managed to squeeze in a few more movies between errands and work: one of last year’s best and a classic I’d somehow never seen.

All Is Lost (imdb | rotten tomatoes) was a showpiece for Robert Redford, and a very different kind of film. It opens with about 60 seconds of monologue, and apart from that there’s probably less than twenty words in the whole script as Redford sails through the Indian Ocean. Redford is the only actor to appear on-screen, though you could make a case for his ship being another character, and for the ocean being the antagonist. It’s remarkable, actually, how much Redford can express with just his face, or his sighs, or a slump of his shoulders, or the length of a look. It was an aquatic, effects-free Gravity, though it still didn’t net Redford an Oscar nomination the way it did for Sandra Bullock, presumably because the Academy didn’t like the thin script — though Redford himself blamed lack of distribution. But for a pure visual experience and a master class in acting, this is hard to beat.

I don’t think I realized how much of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind  (imdb | rotten tomatoes) is embedded in pop culture. I’ve always known that sequence of tones was famous but I guess I never really knew why. Also: MAN, Richard Dreyfus in that era was fantastic.

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