It’s a significant day. I mean yeah, it’s once-in-a-century pi day, but it’s also the day Nellie and I are celebrating a big milestone: this past Wednesday was the 20th anniversary of the day Nellie and I met.

We both had (separate) late nights last night, so tonight we took it easy and Nellie cooked a fancy meal. Usually she does this on Valentine’s day, but a month ago today we were packing for New Orleans. This anniversary filled in nicely though. This is what she made:

  • Dark chocolate from Nadège
  • Jumbo scallops with corn & arugula (w/ Benjamin Bridge 2011 sparkling rosé)
  • Magret de canard (w/ Pearl Morissette 2010 Cab Franc)
  • Filet Mignon with green beans (still with the PM cab franc)
  • Apple pie (obviously)



Cover photo by Kat N.L.M., used under Creative Commons license

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