Rose & Sons

Last Monday we met our friends Kaylea & Steph at Rose & Sons, a place that’s been on my must-hit list forever. It did not disappoint. We started with this fantastic chili oil & maple syrup cornbread, then the grilled romaine caesar salad and east coast squid fry.

For the mains we ordered two plates of the Monday special: five small pieces of fried chicken, with four-cheese mac+cheese and dill cucumbers. It was all freaking amazing. The mac+cheese was especially great, and I HATE mac+cheese. We threw some onion rings in there too, each of which was the size of a hula hoop. We had a good chat with our server about the wine selection too, which was small but well-thought-out.

The fullness (and pre-dinner wine sampling) got the better of Steph and she bailed. Kaylea, Nellie, and I walked through the back to Big Crow, their bbq joint, for one more drink. We listened to endless 90s music and made a mental note to get our asses back there in the summer when the grill is going and the roof is open.

How have we never been to Big Crow before? Its all barbecue and 90s music.

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Cover photo from Rose & Sons site

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