Chuck, roll 212.

While I try to gather my thoughts, pictures, liver, and gratitude from last weekend, I have to comment on last night’s Daily Show finale. It was, basically, perfect.

The collection of so many former correspondents. Jon’s final guidance on combating bullshit. The Scorsese-homage tour behind the scenes. The staff’s joyous dancing around the studio as Bruce Springsteen played “Born To Run”. But most of all, Stephen Colbert’s touching (and terrifying to Stewart for its earnestness) surprise thank-you on behalf of the former correspondents.

Watching him try so desperately to not acknowledge the impact he’s had on people, and then watching him jump up and down in a massive group hug with them afterwards, is so much of what I admire about the man. We see so little of him personally, but over 16 years tiny bits and pieces have given me a respect for him that went beyond the show, even if I couldn’t quite articulate it.

And now, a constant part of my life since I started watching (in 2001? 2002 maybe?) is done. Well, the show is there, but it can’t — and shouldn’t — be the same. I’m so glad we went to New York nine years ago to watch a taping. I couldn’t tell you who the guest was, but who cares? That’s not why we were there. That’s not why we watched.

Thanks Jon.

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