Cover photo by jjbaird

Indie Boat Hop

I don’t know what gave two of the best beer bars in the city the idea to collect a bunch of collab brews and serve them to people whilst sailing around Toronto harbour, but…kudos. Adam and I hit the second session on Sunday, and here’s what we drank.

  1. Amsterdam x Great Lakes x Bar Hop Reprieve IPL
  2. Sawdust City x Bar Hop Coriolis Effect Berliner weiss (with woodruff syrup)
  3. Bellwoods x Great Lakes Bretallica pale ale
  4. Stone City x Bar Hop Gertrude grisette
  5. Nickel Brook Raspberry Über berliner weiss
  6. Great Lakes x Bar Hop Gilligan Is Still Dead saison with guavas
  7. Great Lakes Limp Puppet session IPA
  8. Amsterdam Howl farmhouse ale
  9. Indie Alehouse Fallen Idol (x3; we had tickets to get rid of and this was literally the only tap left)

We had no interest in the Clifford Little Mutineer pilsner or either West Ave cider, but two more we did want to try — the Indie Alehouse x Bar Hop Rabbit of Caerbannog white IPA and Indie Alehouse Rubicon Belgian golden ale — both sold out before we could try them.

For me, the Howl and the Gertude carried the day, and being able to sail around the harbour on an absolutely perfect evening wasn’t bad either.


Cover photo by jjbaird

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