Cover photo from iMBb

“If we are going to have a secret project called ‘Elrond’, then I want my code name to be ‘Glorfindel’.”

Last night we had a laid-back Friday night and went to a movie for the first time in a long while: The Martian (imdb | rotten tomatoes). I didn’t read the book, but the trailer made the premise pretty clear: Matt Damon gets abandoned on Mars, and then sciences the shit out of the problem.

What a great 2.5 hours. It never felt like 2.5 hours, of course, because it was terrifically entertaining. Smart, funny, gripping, and endearing. There were no surprises. No big twists or higher concepts. Just science + drama. And it was great. Go see it.

Side note: there’s a nice little inside-Hollywood Lord Of The Rings joke that absolutely killed in our particular theatre.


Cover photo from iMBb

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