“We’re trying to understand how an institution affects an individual’s behavior. We’re trying to do something good.”

Somehow, in our few tiny stretches of downtime, we’ve watched two movies in the past…I don’t know, month?

The Gift (imdb | rotten tomatoes) was kind of up and down…not quite there with the pacing, but probably a movie I’m going to remember in five years because it was mildly, weirdly unsettling. Joel Edgerton has more going on than I thought he did.

Speaking of unsettling, I knew going in to The Stanford Prison Experiment (imdb | rotten tomatoes) what would happen, but still…crazy. I’m not sure the full sociological implications of the experiment were really lined up, but I’d think that just about anyone could draw their own lines.


Cover photo by Thomas Hawk, used under Creative Commons license

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